January 14, 2008, 3:27 pm

DANIEL DEMOUSTIER : “These are probably the very first pictures taken from Darfur during the war. The war between the people from Darfur and, what we call, the Jangaweed and the Sudanese government, operating from Khartoum, the North capital of Sudan. And I got there, again with the support of the Doctors Without Borders, Médicins Sans Frontières, who were the only and the very first organisation who were trying to help out the people who got trapped in this terrible, terrible tragedy.

I think, actually because of the pictures I made there, this was the very first proof of what was going on and I managed to get this on all the agencies, on the main networks all over the world. On BBC, CBS, NBC, ITN and everyone broadcast this and then it made a result, it actually started to do something about the situation. So UNOR, the United Nations Organisation for the Refugees, they finally brought in some tents and started to build refugee camps. Because these people were all there and they had nothing, they had no tents, they had no food, they had nothing. All there was, was a little bit of medical aid for people who managed to get there. Because there were so many people who don’t even got there and you see the most horrific scenes. I mean, I saw one man who walked for two days, with, you know, the inside of his stomach in his hands. He walked for two days like that. He survived actually. Very, very strong people. The most horrific stories. Women were getting raped with the Kalashnikov, you know, it was absolutely dreadful.”

Interview Daniel Demoustier by Stefaan Decostere, for WARUM 2.0

Comments by Daniel Demoustier (cameraman).


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Literally shocking, huh. I don’t know this interesting filmmaker but when i read words as ‘this was the very first proof…’ and ‘i managed to…’ and ‘BBC, CBS, NBC, ITN and everyone broadcast this and then it made a result, it actually started to do something about the situation’, well i don’t know, making use of impressive language and making a seemly causal link between media and action, aren’t we lived by media? And isn’t that the really danger?

Comment by hackuin

Daniel Demoustier is, as cameraman, a very privilidged person. He knows that, and he is very very aware of the lived through paradox of his position and actions. That is the reason also, why he agreed to join the Warum 2.0 project. Me too, I am looking forward to his comments on your comments. Would you like to be in his position? Why not? And in that case, how would you deal with the situation of being at the same time the ‘helper’ and the ‘exploiter’?

Comment by cargoweb

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