January 22, 2008, 2:15 pm

Draft for WARUM 2.0 installation-arena

VILEM FLUSSER & HENRI LEFEBVRE. In 1983 Vilem Flusser published his book ‘Für eine Philosophie der Photographie’ (Towards a philosophy of photography). In it we may find some helping tools for analysing the technics of impact. Talking about photography and pictures and visual media in general, he offers a model of investigation based on four basic concepts: the image – the apparatus – the program – and the information. And what is important, I think, is that he defines ‘information’, not as information as data, but as the unique expression of the critical ‘handling’ of this trinity of image/machine/program.


Coincidence or not (and very probably not), also in the eighties, Henri Lefebvre started to publish work developing his notion of ‘rhythmanalysis’. He introduces the ‘rhythmanalist’, a person he describes not as a user, but as an observer who intervenes, in a situation of ‘mediatised everyday’, an everyday that is simultaneously fashioned and ignored by these (technological) means that make the apparatuses. Just like Virilio after him, he proposes to study the disasters we live in (futurism, impact, the synchronization of instantaneous emotions – what Virilio calls ‘the communism of affects’) – and to intervene.


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