January 22, 2008, 12:40 pm
Filed under: IMPACTOLOGY, WARUM 2.0

Come and See


Amsterdam, January 2008, the Video Vortex international symposium part 2, organized by the Institute of Network Cultures, in collaboration the Netherlands Media Arts Institute.  

Impactology. It was great to announce and propose this new science to the fine assembly of the Amsterdam Vortex Symposium.

The aim of Impactology is to study ‘impact’, to take impact as a concept, to turn in into a new science, a new field of knowledge, and to analyse impact, chart and define it, and study its practical consequences.

So then, with Impactology, to take, put forward and invest impact as a mode of analysis, as a tool of analysis, rather than just as an object of it.

Impactology proposed as a science on the technics of impact, such as ‘storytelling’, such as ‘visible marketing’. In this field of study, YouTube is essentially seen as a new kind of technique of impact.


In 1985 another artist created a great impact: Elim Klimov with his film ‘Come and see’, a film on war, and more specifically on Nazi army troops burning down hundreds of villages in Belarus and killing everybody living there. Klimov however turned the film itself into a form of impact, making it as powerful, as similar as possible to the Nazi impact. He had decided to double the original horror on the screen. The effects on the viewers of his impact were nearly as disastrous as the original massacre was on the victims in Russia. The effects on Klimov himself were also terminal: he never made another film again afterward. And the staged effects on the main character in the picture were also extremely significant. The only option the director left for his character to evolve, to deal with the event, was to make him shoot on the picture itself.

So then, Klimov, the film, the main character, the audience: they were all trapped in the logic of war, in the logic of the technique of impact.


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