January 22, 2008, 2:56 pm

SOME INTENTIONS. In the WARUM 2.O installation project, we try to install distances. We try to create a possible but concrete context ‘far from impact’.

We want to get away from the daily ‘dressage’, that ‘training’ (by media, by programs, by gadgets and by technology expertise) that constantly imposes, educates and breaks-in onto us, but that in effect is based on the military model (again a military model) once instituted by Roman traditions.

Because in the end, they who wish for, refine and execute this ‘training’ are not concerned with us (users, makers, who want to express works and opinions of their own). They are mostly operating from a specific strategy and a certain desire for power – call it: populist circumstantial interventionism; a certain cult of a scientific-military messianism; a cult of the arsenal; a lust for unheard of strategic possibilities of social, environmental and psychological management; a kind of extermination of the personal expression on a daily basis, bypassing arenas, open public forums, even institutions of justice.

So then, again, far from impact, with some distance to impact. Can we exist, if not without impact, then at least, can we find ways to act, make and think from a certain distance (a critical distance that is) from impact? That is what we try to explore with WARUM 2.0. A real challenge. It is possible to ‘be’ as we are, pro-creators that is, far from impact? – and intervene?

(the formulation of this question I have only discovered during and after years of discussions I had with makers, programmers, critics and artists, during many workshops and developments. The ‘university of disaster’ Virilio calls for, is indeed a ‘fact’ since a long time… There are indeed many who look for, or are already engaged in this kind of research.)

Is this a situation then of ‘this as if it’? (‘This is as if it’ was the title of a little book CARGO published last year, subtitled ‘Weak Media’ ). If not a universal (‘university’) then at least, it can become a situation of meetings of individuals, groups and organizations, who are willing to ask questions, if not to find some answers.

Far from impact. My feeling today is: it will never be that far from it. Especially if we want to intervene as well. And what if we phrase it as: far from war?

What I suggest here, with IMPACTOLOGY, is not so much a radical critique that is itself impact, but a tool for analysis that may add that extra critical investigating rhythm to the world as it is.

I guess we are done with the idea of the spectacle, for a while. So far from impact, so far from war, at least from the logic of it.

HOWEVER it could also well be that YouTube, just like TV and ‘corporate science’ before it, as such also offers a way out, because as it is, it definitely triggers all the violence and excess there is, and it puts it in the open and onto the public stage. Let’s always be aware of individuals and organizations (of ‘us’ that is) who offer their unique alternative, especially so if they are as arrogant to say: this is for your own good.

Stefaan Decostere, January 2008.


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why so sceptical?
You know that banks only want to help us, don’t you?
You know that the automotive industry only produces the cars we want, don’t you?
You know that goverments and all kind of ngo’s just want to help countries they (who?) define as development countries, don’t you?
You know that media (who’s) broadcast only what people want, don’t you?
And don’t you know that privacy is the right to be left alone? With what?

Comment by hackuin

what would a tv manager say about impactology? is there any active journalist interested in the notion of ‘far from impact’? in questioning ‘impact’? are there tv viewers getting tired of ‘impact’? would they prefer another way of communication, such as dialogue? participation? intervention?

Comment by cargoweb

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