February 4, 2008, 9:11 am
Filed under: WARUM 2.0


WARUM 2.0 is an installation of installations, in each of which a host invites visitors to handle the tools and software, and to discover for themselves specific ways of relating and positioning to a selection of documenary images of war and victims, originally shot by cameraman Daniel Demoustier in Darfur, Afghanistan, Haïti, Gaza and Iraq.

VIDEO – viewing excerpts of an interview by Stefaan Decostere with Paul Virilio.
SECOND LIFE – live teleportation into SL Warum, where an avatar, steared by a robothand, walks little rounds and flies in and out of the environment.
SURVEILLANCE – joystick viewing and snapping shots of the arena.
PANORAMA – a 360° display of documentary footage set in slow motion via visitor detection inside the circle; around it 10 more projections complete the imaging.
WEB – access to online tools, such as a shoutbox and an upload module, with direct influence on the physical display.
HUMAN TETRIS – animating army shots by means of sensors, activated by taking in positions in a projection wall with cut out human figure moulds.
SOUND SYSTEM – engaging the walking visitor into deeper and intimate discovery.

Also on offer, beside this weblog: dvd’s with interviews with Daniel Demoustier and Paul Virilio; the original tape ‘Warum Wir Männer die Technik so Lieben’ (see PAGES).


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