February 10, 2008, 12:52 pm

Paul Virilio says: whereas before the visible, there is the domain of the possible, after the visible, what is left then, is the unpredictable, the unexpected, plus the revelation of the accident in knowing, in understanding.

‘What is here to see? Is there anything visible?’ That could well be the ‘warum’ question some visitors might put forward. In the end, with Warum 2.0, what I would like them to see, is a way out of doom. As a maker (of documentaries), what was not possible anymore for me to do the last 10 years, could well be possible again now. Not exactly making documentaries that is, but having the tools and the posse force ready to start up processes of ‘seeing’ and ‘making visible’ out of the logic of the ‘war of images’, far from impact that is, outside the global revolving panorama in closed circuit of the audiovisual scene. WARUM 2.0 may be a practical version of that ‘delirious networked worktable’ so needed for making my (your, our) views visible.

(Paul Virilio in ‘Art as far as the eye can see’ (published by Berg, 2007). Sound on the clouds by Edwin Uytenbroek for Warum 2.0. The ‘delirious networked worktable’ concept, in This Is As If It , by Stefaan Decostere for CARGO, 2007).


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