About the origin – the tape

The tape is in fact the origin of the installation. 

In 1985, together with Paul Virilio, Klaus vom Bruch, Jack Goldstein and Chris Dercon, Stefaan Decostere made ‘Warum wir Männer die Technik so Lieben’. This video documentary is the analogue original of Warum 2.0. It will be on view & online, as a reference. In that tape Paul Virilio [] analyses the close relation between war & technology. The artists – Klaus vom Bruch [ (in German)] in video and Jack Goldstein [] in paint & sound – propose their personal artistic versions of it.


Since then, no radical change occured in the relationship between war & technology. It just became more intensified, excessive that is. Technology brings the logic and reality of war even closer into our daily lives and habitats.

If a difference Warum makes, it is 2.0, as today, not only artists, but most of us have access to parts. We all are very actively involved with media nowadays, adding value all the time.

Digitization, virtualization and automation are the major massively enacted actions with technology. They guideline the basic moves possible in the playing field here.

If you want to have a discription of the tape, go to label=WARUM+WIR+MANNER+DIE+TECHNIK+SO+LIEBEN

If you want to watch the tape,


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