Ministery of the Flemish Community – Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap | Flemish Film Fund – Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds VAF | Artefact Festival Stuk Leuven | TU Delft/Bouwkunde | Cargo

WARUM 2.0 is an initiation by Stefaan Decostere for CARGO, foundation for creation, research & development with media.


Jonas Hielscher


In ‘MyBot’ by Jonas Hielscher, by pressing keys of a computer keyboard, a robot hand moves a virtual Avatar on the screen. The movement of the robot fingers is an automated ongoing routine. The routine will be interrupted, when a visitor stands close to the hand. But after a short while the hand, and with it the virtual avatar, will go back to their monotonous routine. The installation can be seen as a physical and virtual kinetic performance. In the Warum Second Life the avatar walks through a collage of photographs and audio comments by Daniel Demoustier on victims of war.

Christian Decker


With his own software (Dylos) Christian Decker created a unique 360° panoramic interactive projection environment for Warum 2.0 and prepared and edited the original footage by cameraman Daniel Demoustier.

Edwin Uytenbroek


Soundscape creation with Max MSP and Live/Ableton. Sound system engineering together with Harold De Kup.

Chris Devriese

Interaction module in Flash and with sensors.

Sander Korebrits


Programming of the Instant Transmission Mixer of Warum 2.0 & of the YouTube Upload Module.

Rene Kroondijk, Aydin Koyuk, Ayhan Aygun and Rik de Ruiter

These students architecture of TU Delft/Bouwkunde (participants of the guest college ‘Space out of E-presence’ by Stefaan Decostere, invited by Margit Tamás) complemented the Warum 2.0 arena set with a Tetris construction, holding the Flash intertion module. They completed the arena, orginally conceived together with Johan Blaeke and finished by Tom Boeckx together with the staff of Stuk Leuven.

Stefaan Decostere


Invited by Pieter-Paul Mortier (curator of the Artefact Festival) to propose a media installation based on the videotape ‘Warum Wir Männer die Technik so lieben’ (1985), and thanks to the support by the organizations mentioned above, he started developing Warum 2.0 in the Cargo Media Space from 2007 onwards, together with the artists mentioned, and later with Joyce Portier who installed the warumblog. Cameraman Daniel Demoustier and Paul Virilio personally engaged into the project – Daniel Demoustier with his unique footage from Haiti, Afghanistan, Darfur, Iraq and Gaza; and Paul Virilio with his brillant ideas and call for a ‘university of disaster’.


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